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Simplify Safety with a Smart Lighting Control System

Lighting the Way to Better Home Security

Simplify Safety with a Smart Lighting Control System

The Hamptons are a safe, relaxing retreat for many local homeowners. Whether you want to take in the fresh ocean breeze or soak up the last bit of sun before autumn, there's plenty to do in New York's premier vacation destination. But as the sun sets earlier, it's a good idea to ensure you're maintaining the safety and security of your environment. In this blog, we'll show you how a smart lighting control system makes it easy to protect your home and family at any time of the night. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

What Our Customers Love about Using Lutron for Lighting

Plus, The Newest Features You Have to See!

What Our Customers Love about Using Lutron for Lighting

Lutron continues to be the leader in the lighting control systems industry year after year. With this year’s acquisition of Ketra and the introduction of their RadioRA system, Lutron keeps competing to provide the industry’s standard in lighting. At Clever Home Technologies, we primarily use Lutron for our customers’ lighting system needs in their Great Neck, NY-area homes. You will see why when we discuss their rich capabilities and how they combine with your other smart home systems.

Why is Lighting so Important to Your Home?

Optimize It With a Custom Lighting Control Solution

Why is Lighting so Important to Your Home?

Bringing added versatility, style, and safety to your space can come down to something as simple as your lighting. Lights highlight specific architectural features, transform your family room and make you feel safe when you go to sleep at night. Even though lighting plays such an important role, many people still rely on old switches and fixtures. Just upgrading your lighting control system can help you enhance the safety, style, and comfort of your Hamptons home.

Use Luxor to Transform Your Landscape Lighting

Here’s What a Lighting Control System Can Do for Your Home

Use Luxor to Transform Your Landscape Lighting

(Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated.)

Why limit your lighting control to inside the home when you can manage and customize what’s outside as well? Luxor, one of our partner brands, creates a lighting control system specifically for landscape lighting. Whether you already have an outdoor lighting layout on your Old Westbury, NY property or you’re considering adding one, we recommend looking at Luxor for your control system and its compatible fixtures.

In this blog, we’ll look at what Luxor can do as your landscape lighting control system and run through some of the compatible fixture designs.


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