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3 Audio-Video Improvements to Help Your Business Soar

Impress Clients and Have More Productive Meetings With These Simple Upgrades

3 Audio-Video Improvements to Help Your Business Soar

Unless you’re in the business of selling audio and video equipment, the A/V gear in your office is probably not something you think about very often. But no matter the size of your business, there are moments when you’ll need quality a commercial audio-video system. Whether it’s a client presentation, a staff meeting, digital advertising or something else, you want to make sure the technology in your office is working for you, not the other way around. We have a great deal of experience in commercial automation at Clever Home Technologies, so let us show you a few improvements you can make to boost the A/V devices at your business.


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The network in your office isn’t an audio or video device, but it does play a crucial role in how well those devices function. It may seem as if the lag on that video-conference call is due to equipment issues, but more likely than not your network is to blame. If you can’t get the necessary bandwidth to make a video call go smoothly, you’ll be stuck with glitchy service no matter what device you’re using. To that end, giving your business network a tune-up is a great way to get more from your existing setup before sinking thousands of dollars into new gear.



Another way to upgrade your A/V system without a massive overhaul is to switch to distributed audio and video. Similar to how these systems can work in a home, distributed A/V works by funneling the feed from a single source to multiple displays, speakers, etc. and centralizing the controls for those devices into a universal user interface. Going with distributed A/V is a great way to save money and simplify the existing system in your business.

At first glance, systems like these seem limited to restaurants, bars, and other establishments where customers are watching TV or engaging in similar activities. But distributed A/V can work for any business. A distributed system allows you to display a single presentation or other piece of content on multiple screens with minimal hassle, making it perfect for client presentations. You can also use these systems to create digital advertisements that can be altered or swapped out entirely in a short time.



There are multiple A/V tools available to make meetings more dynamic and productive. Interactive whiteboards allow you to engage your team or other audiences in new ways; digitally storing the results of team brainstorming sessions and allowing you to resume your work in the next meeting. And as we’ve touched on previously, upgrading your conference call system to allow for simple, one-touch controls will save you incredible amounts of time, money and hassle in the long run.



Our technicians at Clever Home Technologies are very experienced with commercial audio video systems, and we’ll make sure to craft a solution that fits your needs. Our prior work shows our dedication to detail, craftsmanship and an easy user experience, and we’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied with the final result.


To learn more about all we can do for you and your business, call us at (516) 888-0180 or contact us here.


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