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Listen to Music in Every Room with Automation

Add a Whole House Music System to Your New York Home

Listen to Music in Every Room with Automation

A music player is an essential element to every home, but what if you want to play music in every room, or stream the same song throughout the entire house at the same time? A whole house music system is the best way to streamline your music listening experience. You’ll be able to listen to songs from a variety of sources and save space by installing the speakers in the walls. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of working with an audiovisual specialist in the Great Neck, NY area.

Add Invisible Speakers to Every Room

Most people buy wireless speakers today, and when we say “wireless” that doesn’t mean they don’t have wires. Wireless speakers still have to be plugged into a power source, but they use the Internet to connect to other speakers to play music in multiple locations all at once. While wireless speakers are a great solution, we recommend going with wired speakers that are installed in the walls. You’ll save space and get rid of all those unsightly wires. You’ll also add value to your home because the speakers will be a part of the property. Lastly, connection problems will never be an issue; wired technology is always a more reliable solution. Imagine playing music in every area when you’re entertaining guests or just relaxing at home. We can add speakers to your bathrooms, patio, bedrooms, and kitchen.


Enhance Your Home Theater with Surround Sound

The way to transform your home theater with realistic sound is by installing surround sound. Today’s technology is better than ever with the invention of 3D audio. Traditionally, soundtracks confine all the sounds to designated speakers, or “channels”, which can only be heard from a few angles. However, with Dolby Atmos, the sound is freed from these channels and can be separated into different segments. The sound can be moved anywhere in a three-dimensional space and create lifelike sound so you feel as if you are right inside the movie.

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The Dolby Atmos system not only transforms your experience, but also evokes more emotion since you can see and hear the story as realistically as possible.

Place 2-Channel Loudspeakers in a Dedicated Room

Some speakers are meant to be displayed instead of hidden. Two-channel loudspeakers are the perfect solution for true audiophiles. By dedicating a separate space for listening to music, you can create the ideal environment to enjoy your favorite artists. We have loudspeakers that can produce high-resolution sound and look beautiful too. The team at Clever Home Technologies will provide the speakers, subwoofers, amplifier as well as all the acoustic treatments to enhance your overall experience. With a variety of speaker styles, finishes, and audio accessories to choose from, you are sure to find a 2-channel set-up you’ll love.

If you would like to upgrade your current music-listening experience, contact us online! We are certified dealers of the top audio manufacturers and can provide solutions that fit your unique home environments.

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